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Equine Physiotherapy



Equine Physiotherapy is an essential addition to modern veterinary medicine to help address any subtle changes in the horses musculoskeletal system before they potentially escalate and also to aid recovery from lameness, medical, or orthopaedic treatment or surgical intervention.

All horses from the retired field companion to the elite competition horse can benefit from regular equine physiotherapy. I enjoy working with horses regularly to improve or maintain high levels of performance, working on a prevention rather than cure basis. This helps to reduce the risk of injury by noting any changes early on and keeping the horse in optimal musculoskeletal condition. By carrying out regular treatment it means that any issues that need to be addressed are flagged up and can be treated or referred on to a qualified professional, such as your treating veterinary surgeon or saddler, before they potentially escalate.

Our specialism here at fine form equine physiotherapy is remedial therapy for horses that are recovering from orthopaedic treatment or surgery. As a qualified and Registered Equine Veterinary Nurse (REVN) and a therapist in veterinary practice I work alongside orthopaedic cases on a daily basis and I am heavily involved in their exercise prescription and aftercare to ensure that they return to optimum function following treatment. This is an area that interests me immensely, I am passionate about keeping up to date with advances in veterinary surgery and medicine and continued scientific research.

Equine Physiotherapy comprises of a variation of scientifically researched skills that may be used in conjunction to provide the optimum treatment for your horse, these include:

  • Manual therapy: including massage, mobilisation and manipulation

  • Electrotherapy: therapeutic ultrasound therapy, neuromuscular stimulation, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, laser and red light therapy

  • Prescription exercise and stretching 

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