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About Me

After completing my A levels i went on to complete a foundation degree in equine studies which lead me on the path to discover my love of equine anatomy, kinematics and lameness. After completion of my degree course i found employment in equine nursing and I have been employed as an equine veterinary nurse since 2009 becoming a fully qualified Registered Equine Veterinary Nurse (REVN) in 2012. Working in a busy practice with a large orthopaedic turnover further ingrained my love of kinematics and so I went on to study further into Veterinary Physiotherapy and Equine Sports Massage Therapy to treat and rehabilitate lame and post operative cases.

I myself own four horses who all receive regular sports massage and equine physiotherapy at home and who each present their own challenges. To relax in my spare time I ride my own hunter mare or go out to watch my younger sister and daughter compete their mounted games ponies with MGAGB all over the country.

As an Equine Physiotherapist I like to liaise and work as part of a multifaceted team to ensure the best care for your horse. I am keen to become a part of your horses routine to keep him in the best condition possible to perform to the best of his ability. 

I have extensive experience handling a variety of horses, from pets to competition horses. Treating and rehabilitating a variety of horses including soft tissue injuries, lameness cases, and post operative cases. These include treatment, management and return to function both in hand and in a variety of ridden disciplines. I have a specific interest in posture rehabilitation and cross training disciplines to reduce the risk of re-injury and prevent boredom during the rehabilitation process. 

I am a very approachable person who is always willing to help. If you would like to make an appointment, or would like to ask for advice about a problem you have with your horse please contact me. I am also available to carry out talks, demonstrations or "massage for horse owners" days on request

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